Our Team

We, at Wilson Bricklaying Contractors specialise in small to high density developments, employing a team of highly skilled and qualified tradesmen as our ‘core team’. We also have the ability to engage sub-contractors when required. These gangs have been hand picked by Matt himself as they display the same high standard of communication and quality workmanship that Wilson Bricklaying Contractors are renown for. The partnerships with our sub-contractors ensures that we have the capacity and resources to meet the most demanding requirements without compromise. Our company has over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry, and our team pride themselves in providing their customers with a high professional standard of works at a competitve price.

Why choose us?

Are you tired of micromanaging every sub-contractor that comes into your building site?

Do you feel like you risk your own and your company’s reputation with not only the quality of finish you receive but the general tidiness while on site and lack of respect to general safety requirements and procedures?

When you sign up Wilson Bricklaying Contractors to work as part of your build, you can rest assured that the build will be done to the highest standards, with a mind for safety and procedures that will ensure correct workplace health and safety at ALL times. Wilson Bricklaying Contractors pride themselves on their policy to safety so much so that they have put one of their own team through a course to receive a certificate in work health and safety, to ensure we are up-to-date and always on top of safety in the workplace.  We pride ourselves on good communication and organisation, we are happy to work alongside other trades and do what needs to be done to ensure we can all keep to our time constraints. You can trust Matt and the team to take good care of the laying side of your next project, leaving you to get on with managing other aspects of the build.

When you choose Wilson Bricklaying Contractors for your next project you will no longer be worried about losing money or have any need to be stressed about your reputation to deliver the build to your client. You will be a respected builder with a reputation of delivering a high-quality project on time and on budget.

Wilson Bricklaying specialises in:

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