We don’t just build walls,
we build reputations.

“We, at Wilson Bricklaying Contractors are in the business of building strong, safe structures of the highest quality workmanship. We are proud of our team and proud to be known as one of the best bricklaying gangs in Queensland.”

Wilson Bricklaying Contractors are a South Burnett based team of professional bricklayers dedicated to providing a competitive, high quality service. The pride and precision they put into each and every job is second to none.  With over 20 years of industry experience, they have the skills and resources to deliver projects on time and within budget. The team pride themselves on their ability to communicate and work alongside all trades on site to get the job done.  Wilson Bricklaying Contractors strives to get more than you expect, with a strong ethic towards health and safety and procedures to back that up, you will never have cause for concern when they are in charge.

The team at Wilson Bricklaying Contractors, lead by Matt Wilson, specialise in providing premium individualised services, including brick laying, block laying in both commercial and residential projects. Wilson Bricklaying Contractors employ skilled and reliable workers that deliver timely results suited to each project and customer requirement. We help builders and developers to exceed their client’s expectations by providing high quality brick and block work on time and on budget.

Wilson Bricklaying specialises in:

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